Carbon footprint | Interactive Narrative | Digital Design
Materials available in English and Welsh
Deunyddiau sydd ar gael yn Gymraeg a Saesneg

Workshop #1

In the first workshop, the students discuss the relationship between carbon dioxide and the climate, and they create simple models of molecules such as carbon dioxide, methane, and water. They calculate their own carbon footprints, and strategise ways to reduce them.

Young girl in an orange shirt working on a tablet computer in a computer classroom

In workshop 2, the students read No World 4 Tomorrow, a work of digital fiction created specifically for this project, and use this work to discuss their thoughts around climate change.

Workshop #2

Workshop #3

In workshop 3, the students produce their own works of digital fiction, allowing them to explore these ideas more deeply. In each workshop, the students complete a short survey to assess their own personal attitudes to climate change.

schoolchildren in a row engaging with computers in a computer classroom

The Researchers…

This project is conducted by Dr Jennifer Rudd in the College of Engineering at Swansea University, Dr Lyle Skains at Bournemouth University, Dr Ruth Horry in the Department of Psychology at Swansea University, and Dr Helen Ross at Helen’s Place.

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