Students on the You & CO2 workshops create their own digital fictions on the theme of climate change. At the end of the third workshop, we ask them to submit their games to the project, so we can see what sort of themes and facts they’ve picked up over the course of the workshops. Because our workshops are only 1-2 hours long, many students have not yet completed their games by the time they submit, but we invite them to re-submit when they have finished.

Here we present a sampling of some of the most promising games we’ve received from students so far.

Linda & Akachi’s Story

A truly moving story about a friendship between a British and a Malawian teenager, and how one tries to help the other out in the face of climate change.


This game explores what it is like to be “the baddie” and describes what it would be like to have a high carbon footprint.

Future Vision

A typical teenager’s day in 2030. The student shows a good understanding of how things might change in a warming world.

The Island

Beautifully written, this student shows real understanding of the causes and impact of climate change.

Daily Choices

An unfinished story with great potential. This one explores the first decisions we make in our day and captures people’s attitudes beautifully.

Climate System

Scientific facts about climate change.

Destroying Makeup

An imaginative piece that examines the environmental cost of cosmetics.